Tea Towels 

Various wholesale tea towels. Always a top selling line, these quality tea towels will fly off the shelves.
  • Carton amount :  12 

    Large size terry check tea towel. Excellent value packed in dozen with assorted colours.
  • Carton amount :  24 

    These super absorbent towels attract, pick up and trap dust and dirt for easy cleaning. They are perfect for cleaning up spills or polishing dishes and counter tops. They are a kitchen essential. Size; 41x48cm Material; 100% Polyester Machine was at 40 degrees
  • Carton amount :  60 

    3 pack mono check tea towels in assorted colours. 4 packs of 3 per inner.   Size; 43x67cm
  • Carton amount :  24 

    3 pack of 'American Check' tea towels. Each pack of 3 has 2 white with coloured stripes and one solid colour with white stripes. They come in 4 great colours, with 6 packs of each per carton, each inner pack has one of each colour.
  • Carton amount :  48 

    3 pack multi purpose cotton kitchen towels, come in 6 colours. Size; 38x62cm Material; 80% cotton 20% polyester
  • Single pack heavy qulity 'Super Check' cotton tea towels. Assorted 18 pieces of each colour per carton and 4 of each colour per inner bag. Size; 40x65cm
  • Carton amount :  12  36 

    3 pack super check tea towels in assorted colours. 6 packs of 3 per inner. 60 packs of 3 per carton (180 tea towels total) Material; 92% Cotton 8% Polyester Size;  approx 44x60cm